Aldawaa Medical Services

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Aldawaa Medical Services
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Al-Dawaa Company
The company based in Saudi Arabia that sells medical and healthcare merchandize.
Moreover, the business with six departments: beauty care, individual care, fitness and wellness,
drug and diagnosis, mum and kid, and vitamins and strong diet (Al-dawaa, 2023). The beauty care
division sells products such as beauty cosmetics, contact lenses, fragrances, and hair and face care
items. Individual care merchandize include body and skin care, sprays, hand and foot care goods,
and mouth care items (Al-dawaa, 2023). Health and wellness goods encompass medical devices,
elderly care, braces and supports, home care products, and sports and fitness products (DMSCO,
2022). Medicine and treatment products provide pain relief medicines, cough, cold, and allergy
medicines, dental and oral hygiene products, kids and infants items, and agreed medications
(DMSCO, 2022). Mum and baby division offers a variety of mother and kid’s products. In contrast,
the vitamins & healthy nutrition division supply men with vitamins and supplements, healthy food,
and healthy products (Al-dawaa, 2023).
Group History
Al-Dawaa Medical Services Company (DMSCO) began in 1993 in Al-Khobar City in
Saudi Arabia. From there, it has expanded to be a highly-ranked company in the healthcare field
in Saudi Arabia. The company has established several specialized departments offering marketing,
planning, IT, and other functions to ensure …
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