Advanced Business Strategy 2

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Income Tax Rates and Practices Across Countries in Major Markets
The various decisions related to tax are significant factors of any organization strategy
provided that they could have a considerable influence on competition and overall profits. The
study therefore tries to analyse the income tax rates as well as the activities in vital global
markets and their strategic influence to firms.
North America
United States: The nature of tax rate within the United States can be described as the
corporate type which is differentiated based on the state or the federal rankings. The marginal tax
rate for instance has been directed down following the earlier reforms hence ensuring that it
becomes the most suitable place to carry out different trade activities.
Canada: The setting developed by Canada for its tax can be described as somewhat
competitive, where it enhances for a conservative marginal tax rate as well as different financial
encouragements to enhance for establishments and research.
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Germany: Due to the nature of economic expansion witnessed in Germany, it has
triggered it to fa …
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Advanced Business Strategy 2
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