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Accessing God through the Soul and Memory: Augustine Arguments
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Accessing God through the Soul and Memory: Augustine Arguments
Augustine, a well-known figure in Christian philosophy and theology, asserts in his book
“Confessions” that the soul—more especially, memory—is the only path to God. This essay will
recreate Augustine’s case for this conclusion before offering a persuasive refutation of it. While
Augustine holds that the soul and memory are the gateway to God, this claim may be contested
by looking at other ways to connect with the holy. This paper will examine Augustine’s thesis in
great depth and assess how it relates to spiritual seekers.
Reconstruction to Augustine’s Argument
In “Confessions,” Augustine presents a compelling case for the existence of God and the
soul. Augustine’s logic may be reduced to a few main ideas. He starts out by highlighting God’s
transcendent character and pointing out that God exists outside of the material world. According
to Augustine, a person’s soul is what most directly connects them to God. The notion that the
soul is everlasting, immutable, and a mirror of God’s divine essence is the foundation of this
relationship. Augustine, therefore, claims that one must go into the depths of the soul in order to
approach God.
Augustine makes an important point about memory in his argument. He argues that
experiences, both spiritual and moral, are stored in memory. People can reach the …
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