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Gaining a Sense of Purpose in Life, Key Takeaways
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Cultivating Your Sense of Purpose
From the Webinar Happiness 2.0: Cultivating Your Purpose by Anthony Burrow, I
obtained three key takeaways concerning gaining a purposeful life. One key takeaway is that
learning from a role model is one way an individual can develop purpose in life. Typically,
this is acquired when one feels a sense of appeal from a mentor and forms a basis for
deciding one’s wants. A series of life events creates an experience that we want to change.
Another key takeaway is that one gains purpose by re-inventing oneself and understanding
one’s direction (Burrow, 2016). Lastly, one gains sense in life as they gradually pursue their
goals in various institutions or through working out on different projects.
Also, the psychologist Anthony …
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A Sense Of Purpose Answer File
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