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Analytic Sociological Journal 1
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Analytic Sociological Journal 2
Journal 1: The Sociological Imagination and the Coronavirus
According to Wright Mills, sociological imagination refers to the relationship between
personal experiences and the larger social structure where one lives. In other words, a person’s
social surroundings significantly impact their lives (Bottici, 2019). Individuals can only meet all
their needs by depending on others since society is connected. Looking at the concept of
sociological imagination, the pandemic has significantly changed how I live my life. First, the
pandemic brought measures such as lockdowns and social distancing, meaning I must stay away
from some of my friends and family members. Moreover, the measures put in place to control
the spread of the disease reduced the number of social gatherings, which means I have to keep
away from most social places. Since there are minimal physical interactions, I have turned to
social media and other online platforms as the major ways of communication.
The Coronavirus has significantly impacted the economy since it has disrupted various
sectors and brought uncertainties as people do not know what to expect next. Many businesses
closed to reduce the spread of the disease, which saw many people lose their jobs (Singu et al.,
2020). As a result, the unemployment curve has gone sign …
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