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Fostering Growth and Collaboration: The Multifaceted Impact of Communities of Practice
in Organizational Dynamics
Institution Affiliation
Communities of Practice (CoPs)
Communities of Practice (CoPs) foster knowledge sharing and organizational
development. These dynamic gatherings bring together professionals to learn, problem-solve,
and innovate. Comprehensive CoP assistance matches the changing needs of a knowledgecentric workplace. CoPs serve as knowledge centers for sharing ideas, best practices, and tacit
knowledge. This collaborative learning environment helps share organizational knowledge with
community members (Communities of Practice, n.d.). CoPs also foster creativity by leveraging
group diversity. CoPs foster organizational innovation and adaptation via conversations, ideasharing, and cross-functional cooperation. CoPs provide organized but flexible problem-solving
venues for enterprises facing collective intelligence difficulties. Members collaborate to solve
issues using community knowledge. CoPs provide information exchange, skill-building, and
mentoring, promoting professional growth. CoPs help members improve their skills and meet
company objective …
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