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Social Issues of Our Time
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Social Issues of Our Time
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K76lB6bPDao
The title of the song: Glad to Be Gay
The performer(s): Tom Robinson Band
Whether there are various versions of the song. Currently there are several versions of “Glad
to be Gay, by Tom Robinson Band. The first version of the song was first performed by the Band
in 1978. The song was famously referred to as the anthem of the LGBTQ+ across the UK when
it was used as part of the rights movement. Over time, the Tom Robinson band has been
performing other versions of the song, often updating the lyrics to address some issues affecting
the LGBTQ+ community across the UK.
How I see it calling action/adventure. The final verse of, Glad to be Gay” is campaigning for
pe …
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