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Newborn Health
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Newborn Health
According to UN estimation, approximately
385,000 babies are born worldwide every year. In
light of this data, the World Health Organization
(WHO) underscores the paramount significance of
raising the standard of healthcare services provided during pregnancy, childbirth, and the first
week of a child’s birth. Disparities in the accessibility of life-saving therapies and the general
problem of inadequate social and economic advancement are highlighted by the alarming figures
(Shankar et al., 2023).On avoidable newborn mortality and the subpar health status of children
under the age of five. Consequently, addressing newborn health requires interventions and
dedicated efforts to promote their well-being. These efforts are vital for ensuring the survival of
newborns and their overall health and potential for thriving. This essay aims to assess the quality
improvement initiatives within newborn healthcare environments.
Positionality on the Planetary Newborn Health
I sincerely believe that the health of newborns is closely related to the health of our
world. Planetary health acknowledges the intricate relationship between the health of our
environment’s residents, especially the most defenseless members of society, infants. Infants are
particularly vulnerable to environmental variables that may negatively affect their health. For
instance, …
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