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Memory Span Experiment
Daija Johnson
South University Online
PSY3002: Cognitive Psychology
Week 5 Project
Barbara Bucur
September 17, 2023
Working memory and short-term memory are well-known components of cognitive
theories. Before being processed into short-term memory, information is stored in the mind to be
processed into long-term memory. A little length of time can be adequate for the mind to retain
or recognize a large amount of information, which is what this study intends to investigate. The
memory span experiment comprised numbers, letters that sounded different from each other,
letters that sounded the same, short words, and long words. Participants are asked to recollect
what they have just seen after being shown a sequence of stimuli. According to Memory Span
studies, information can only be stored for seven plus or minus two items before its capacity is
To expand on prior findings, the memory span experiment should be changed to study the
impact of other types of items on memory and the magic number of seven. According to the
study, the mind processes digits and words in the same or different ways. It investigates whether
numbers or words of varying lengths have the same capacity. Furthermore, participants should
recognize short words more frequently than long ones, and 2-digit numerals more frequently than
4-digit numbers. As part of this hypothesis, participants are expected to be able to distinguish
longer words rather than long numerals.
Methods …
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20230918182700project 5 3002
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