17049 Psychology 1

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Unveiling the ESFJ Teacher
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As a passionate teacher who is sometimes shy, I have often wondered how to describe my
personality. Therefore, I thought that taking a trip through the Jung/Myers-Briggs Personality
Test would enable me to understand my personality better. The results after taking the ESJF test
were as follows: Extravert 28%, Sensing 19%, Feeling 41%, and Judging 28% (Human Metrics
Inc., 2023). This paper explores how my cooperative personality, organizational abilities, and
communication prowess mesh with the demands of the teaching profession.
Type Description
As an ESFJ teacher, my essence is steeped in empathy and compassion, fueled by a
robust feeling preference. This inclination to connect emotionally with others translates into a
teaching style that is nurturing and supportive. Additionally, several characteristics resonate with
my personality, shaping the way I approach life and interact with others, as discussed below:
The intense feeling preference of an ESFJ (41%) aligns with my innate sense of empathy
and compassion. I find myself genuinely caring about the well-being of others, which is
particularly evident in my role as a teacher. Connecting with students on an emotional level
comes naturally to me. However, while I share the empathy characteristic, there might be
moments when my need for structure and order slightly contrasts with the more spontaneous or
flexible approach …
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17049 Psychology 1
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